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  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Faster turnaround time on EDGAR & XBRL
  • Unlimited EDGAR & XBRL filing packages available
  • Advanced XBRL technology
  • Dedicated & experienced account managers
  • Guaranteed to be more cost effective

M2 Compliance has distinguished itself as a leading filing agency registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission providing a full-service turnkey solution for regulatory requirements, streamlining your process by becoming a part of your team and enabling you to focus on your core business.

We consistently invest in appropriately applied, first-to-market technologies to create gains for you in productivity and cost effectiveness. We offer financial compiling, printing, reporting, and distribution services to publicly traded companies, investors, executives, mutual funds, investment banks, private equity firms, attorneys and other parties required by law to file electronically with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

What you need to know


M2 Compliance prides itself on delivering the fastest turnaround time in the industry for EDGAR & XBRL while providing the highest standards of customer service and quality assurance. Our commitment is to take the burden away from you by converting your financial statements and reports into compliant EDGAR filings and interactive data submissions in accordance with the SEC formatting guidelines.

Affordable rates

We guarantee to save any public company at least 40% versus any other competitor or we will adjust our rates. Furthermore we are the only industry provider to offer Unlimited EDGAR & XBRL Filings inclusive of registration statements, all for a low annual fee. If you're tired of receiving monthly or even weekly invoices and statements then our Unlimited Filings Package is the best option for you.

24/7 Support

Worried about last minute changes? Our dedicated team is available 7 days a week - 24 hours a day to handle any alterations you may have before filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. With M2 Compliance your EDGARizing requirements and XBRL tagging will be handled in a timely manner by a designated account manager that will communicate with you throughout every step of the process.

I was extremely happy with the performance of M2 Compliance on our 10-K filing. I must say I was a bit embarrassed by not only the number of edits but also the changes so close to the filing deadline. These edits are not typical for this company – or at least I hope that will not be typical in the future! This filing was a real test for your services and was amazed at the performance from everyone on your team.
- Dianne

I have been working with M2 Compliance for three filing periods now, one 10K and two 10Q’s. I have found M2 Compliance to be the best Edgar service company I have worked with in my 8 years of running a public company. As you may imagine not only are you managing comments from CPA’s, Auditors and Attorneys, but you always must meet your filing deadline. The last step is to get your report Edgarized and filed. If you have ever managed the filing circus you know how demanding this task can be. M2 Compliance does a great job taking away any anxiety of the last step. No matter how many changes your circus produces, M2 handles them very well and in a very timely manner. You get quality formatting and a service that goes beyond your expectations without any hassles. I must say that for the price of the service and the quality it is the best deal I have ever seen when it comes to public company filings. Thanks M2 for doing your job so well!
- Mark V

I just have to say that I am totally impressed with M2 Compliance so far… your team has been great to work with on our Q coming up, and the turnaround time is phenomenal. They have met and beat every deadline report they have given me. Kudos to your team!!
- David

You guys are awesome and quick! Thank you for the revised draft.
- Jaime

Thanks for the great job of making numerous revisions and getting everything turned around quickly so that we could file today!

- Sheri

Thank you everyone for pulling together this S8 filing today. It was impressive cross company/firm teamwork and very much appreciated.
- Jim

I just wanted send you a note saying thank you for the great service. Thus far, the only thing I don't like about M2 Compliance is that you didn't find me six months earlier.

- Craig

M2 Compliance,
Your team was superb throughout this whole process.
Best regards.

- Norman

Dear M2 Compliance,
I was just about to send a note to you and your colleagues. It was a pleasure working with your organization. I liked the attention to detail and you guys practice that. I look forward to working with you guys. Few press releases, the Proxy and Q1-10Q is coming within the next 45 days!
- Rahoul

This is our first time using you for a 10-K. We had no financial changes on our last 10-Q and therefore I did not know XBRL protocol with your firm. Our last EDGARizer made us change XBRL separately. I just want you to know, your group is the best and have exceeded all expectations. Thank you very much!
- Robert D.

Thank you for a fine job!
- Jim Carter

Operations, great job!
You were very responsive every step of the way, kept the pace, and communication channels open to ensure complete accuracy in the filing process.
- Jerrold

M2 Compliance,
I have to say I am impressed with your team. They have gone above and beyond several times now.
- Laura

Job well done everyone!
Thank you for working so hard to make this massive filing complete. You're awesome!
Best Regards,
- Chaudiem

M2 Compliance,
I just want to let you know that with the filings you have done today, the SEC has reviewed and cleared all comments. Thanks again for all the work you did on this.
- Georgia

On an 8‐K I am filing today, M2 Compliance noticed I had 8‐K/A in the header and called me. Nice work, that's why I use you guys.
- Scott

M2 Compliance,
you guys ROCK!
- Ruba

Thanks for the great work and quick turn around on everything!
- Jackie

You guys have been great and I appreciate all your help!
- N.Francis


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