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August 17, 2017


Office of Manufacturing and Construction

Division of Corporation Finance

Securities and Exchange Commission

100 F Street NE

Washington D.C. 20549


Attn: Pamela A. Long, Assistant Director
  Edward M. Kelly, Senior Counsel
  Re: 2050 Motors, Inc. (“Registrant” and/or “Company”)
    Preliminary Information Statement on Schedule 14C
    Filed on July 26, 2017
    File No. 1-13126




Pursuant to my telephone conversation with Ms. Pamela A. Long yesterday relating to the use by the registrant of Schedule 14C, I have enclosed a copy of the shareholders voting, their share amounts and their relationship to the Registrant. In view of (a) the small number of voting shareholders, which is now eleven after breaking out Mr. Hu’s daughter’s share ownership, since she is over 18 and does not live at home, (b) the close relationship with the Registrant or its officers and/or founders of the voting shareholders and their sophistication and knowledge of the Registrant’s business and (c) the nature of the corporate action being taken, we respectively request that the Registrant be allowed to utilize the Schedule 14C format. This is a relatively small company and the savings in time and money by use of the Schedule 14C format is not unsubstantial to this Registrant.


We recognize that our number of shares and the percentage voting for the amendment as set forth in the enclosed Shareholder List is different from the Definitive Schedule 14C filed with the Commission on August 10, 2016. If we are allowed to use the 14C format, we will immediately file an Amended Definitive Schedule 14C correcting our miscalculations and, of course, revising the dates.


Thank you for your cooperation and courtesies in this matter and please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned should you have any further questions regarding the foregoing.


Very truly yours,  
Barnett & Linn  
/s/ William B. Barnett  
William B. Barnett  
WBB: scc  
cc/ Mr. M. Hu, President  





August 17, 2017





Name  Relationship  Shares  Percent of
   Officer, Director & Founder   5,800,000    14.9%
Michael Hu            
   Consultant and large investor   1,110,000    2.9%
Jose Fernando Alvardo            
   Consultant and large investor   1,250,000    3.2%
Manual Augusto Echeandia            
   Son of Founder and Consultant   1,400,000    3.6%
Jason L. Fowler            
   Founder   1,380,000    3.5%
William L. Fowler            
   VP North American Operations   2,108,333    5.4%
George S. Hedrick            
   Consultant and large investor   1,150,000    2.9%
Pierre Jonathan Servan            
   Daughter of Founder   1,000,000    2.5%
Vivian Hu            
   Son-in-law of Founder and Consultant   1,400,000    3.6%
Jason and Shannon J. Krebs            
   Director & Secretary   1,855,387    4.8%
Bernd Schaefers            
   VP I/T Services   1,244,605    3.2%
Gerardo Gomez Gutierrez            
Total:      19,698,325    50.5%