SpectraScience, Inc

Filed Date Form Type Description View
08/14/2017 Form 10-Q Quarterly report
08/11/2017 Form DEF 14C Other definitive information statements
07/31/2017 Form PRE 14C Other preliminary information statements
05/22/2017 Form 10-Q Quarterly report
05/15/2017 Form NT 10-Q Notification of inability to timely Form 10-Q
05/08/2017 DEF 14C Definitive information statements
04/26/2017 Form PRE14C Other preliminary information statements
03/31/2017 Form 10-K Annual report
02/24/2017 SC 13 G Statement of acquisition of beneficial ownership by individuals
01/23/2017 Form DEF 14C Other Definitive Information Statements
01/18/2017 Form 8-K Current Report
01/11/2017 Form PRE 14C Other Preliminary Information Statements
11/14/2016 Form 10-Q Quarterly Report
10/03/2016 Form DEFR14C Revised Information Statement Materials, Definitive
10/03/2016 Form UPLOAD SEC-generated letter
09/22/2016 Form CORRESP Correspondence
09/22/2016 Form 8-K Current Report
09/20/2016 Form UPLOAD SEC-generated letter
09/13/2016 Form 8-K Current Report
09/13/2016 Form PRER14C Information Statements
09/12/2016 Form CORRESP Correspondence
08/31/2016 Form UPLOAD SEC-generated letter
08/29/2016 Form DEF 14C Other Definitive Information Statements
08/19/2016 Form SC TO-I Tender Offer Statement by Issuer
08/16/2016 Form PRE 14C Other Preliminary Information Statements
08/15/2016 Form 10-Q Quarterly Report
05/20/2016 Form 10-Q Quarterly Report
05/16/2016 Form NT 10-Q Notification of Inability to Timely File Form 10-Q
03/30/2016 Form 10-K Annual Report
01/05/2016 Form 8-K Current Report
11/16/2015 Form 10-Q Quarterly Report
11/16/2015 Form SC 13G Statement of Acquisition of Beneficial Ownership by Individuals
10/28/2015 Form UPLOAD SEC-generated letter
10/22/2015 Form CORRESP Correspondence
10/02/2015 Form UPLOAD SEC-generated letter
08/14/2015 Form 10-Q Quarterly Report
05/14/2015 Form 10-Q Quarterly Report
04/06/2015 Form 8-K Current Report
03/20/2015 Form 10-K Annual Report
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